Manejo de epifitias del Virus de la mancha anular de la papaya utilizando barreras de Zea mays L. en Carica papaya L. []. Cabrera, D., Universidad Central. del virus de la mancha anillada del papayo (PRSV) que infecta Carica papaya L. en El virus de la mancha anular de la papaya (Papaya Ringspot Potyvirus. Epiphyte management of Papaya ringspot virus using Zea mays L. barriers in Carica papaya L. Rev. Protección Veg. [online]. , vol, n.2, pp.

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This mixture was incubated for 10 min at room temperature.

Roguingor the removal and destruction of infected plants, is a way to control the spread of PRSV. The isolates with greater divergence were the collected in Campo Hermoso, grouping into a different clade Fig. Genetic variability of Papaya ringspot virus isolates in Norte de Santander – Colombia. Laa there it slowly spread through the continent reaching China about years ppaya. Botanically, Carica papaya L. Archived from the original on March 6, Control of papaya ringspot virus in papaya.

Field evaluation of transgenic papaya lines carrying the coat protein gene of Papaya ringspot virus in Taiwan. A limiting factor for papaya yield worldwide is the disease caused by PRSV. This similarities in the different CP regions led to the conclusion that the VR3 isolate black line in Fig.

Assessment of Cuban papaya (Carica papaya L.) accessions against ringspot

Commercial development and regulatory and environmental issues. Recombinations, such as the one found in the VR3 isolate, occur in the majority of RNA viruses, are of great evolutionary anuoar and constitute one of the greatest forces that shape the virus genomes of plants Sztuba-Solinska et al. Knowledge of the nucleotide sequence and genetic diversity is necessary to be able to create control strategies.


The size of the fruit can weigh between g and 10 kg. Severity of Papaya ringspot virus The applications of both antiviral products were able to attenuate the severity produced by the PRSV up to d Figure 1.

In squash, watermelon and other cucurbits, PRSV-W causes mottling and distortion of leaves and fruit. Cross protection is similar aunlar practice, although not in mode of action, to viral vaccinations in humans.

This virus produces two types of inclusion bodies visible under a light microscope with proper staining of epidemal strips. This type infects papaya and several members of the melon family Cucurbitaceae. How to cite this article. Viral inhibitors to control the Papaya ringspot virus on Carica papaya.

Papaya ringspot virus

Los resultados observados en este trabajo muestran que todas las accesiones evaluadas resultaron sensibles a la enfermedad bajo condiciones de campo, aunque con diferencias entre ellas. Hawaii Department of Agriculture. The highest number of plants with grade 1 of the disease were present when treatments were applied preventively or healingly.

This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat Broad-spectrum resistance to different geographic strains of Papaya ringspot virus in coat protein gene transgenic papaya.

Papaya ringspot virus – Wikipedia

Journal of Biotecnology and BiodiversityTocantins, v. The presence of recombinations in PRSV provides an understanding of its molecular evolution and help in the study of the characteristics such as the specificity of the host, geographical distribution and emergence as new epidemics Mangrauthia et al.

Services on Demand Article. Agent for stimulating the natural defenses of plants, useful as antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and insecticide, comprise curdian sulfate. Given that there is not any information on PRSV in the department of Norte de Santander, Colombia, this study was conducted for a preliminary determination of their genetic variability, based on the sequence of the CP gene, using sequences of 21 PRSV isolates collected from symptomatic papaya plantsin two different locations in the department.


Medium-term prospects for agricultural commodities: Papaya ringspot potyvirus Papaya distortion mosaic virus Papaya leaf distortion virus Papaw distortion ringspot virus Papaw mosaic virus Watermelon mosaic virus 1.

Papayas were introduced to India only years ago, at which point the virus made the jump from cucurbits. El cultivo de la papaya en Los Llanos Orientales de Colombia.

Three different strategies were used to determine the putative recombination events. In Colombia, at the sequence level, data on PRSV are scarce, with the report of a few sequences corresponding to the helper component proteinase HC-Pro and the coat protein Pa obtained in the departments of Valle del Cauca four sequences and Arauca one sequence Olarte Castillo et al.

Way to Rodas km 4.

Complementary to the increase in antioxidant activity, as has been inferred by Rangel et al. Variability and genetic structure of the population of watermelon mosaic virus infecting melon in Spain. Emi Rainildes Lorenzetti elorenzetti gmail. PRSV-P was described for the first time in Hawaii and, since then, has been reported in several countries where it usually causes devastation to the production of papaya in the early years of the first infection Gonsalves, This confirmed the information reported by Seeds Caribbean about the agronomic parameters of cv.

A mild strain of PRSV is introduced into the host plant, which then develops resistance to virulent strains of the virus. Brazil accounts for nearly half of global output, with India second and Nigeria third in worldwide production.

Evaluation of plant barriers in an integrated management of papaya ringspot in Michoacan, Mexico.