By default the scripting language used by LoadRunner is C. If there are any Java based applications recorded. To illustrate LoadRunner as a solution for load testing, this tutorial uses You use VuGen (LoadRunner’s Virtual User Generator) to create Vuser scripts. VuGen. Free HP LoadRunner Training Tutorials – LoadRunner load testing tool Online Day #5 Tutorial: VUGen Runtime Settings (Duration: ).

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The setup of any runtime settings can include changing parameters such as the pacing of transactions or the think time of transactions.

So for example if you have a sub request for an image, the URL recording for the image would be recorded in the URL based script.

This application can be used for demo purposes.

Verify any impact through application frontend or database. The HTML-based script is based on user actions, and the scripts contain functions that correspond directly to the action taken. In a real-world problem, tutoriap needs to get acquainted with the subject application SUL especially if it involves complex business workflows and data stages.

An action can be compared to a function in other programming languages. Even with the above numbers, The Company needs to ensure that normal functionality on Facebook should perform as it should.

Agents — When you execute virtual users, they take up system memory and CPU utilization. Protocols The active protocols being used in the script will be displayed here. The maximum limit is 65, lines. Correlation can be used to correlate objects after the recording session is completed. The Controller is used to manage these agents. Configure and control pacing duration, think time variation, proxy settings and whether you wish to ignore any external resources.


Hence, no events are fired and no script is generated regarding typing.

VuGen(Virtual User Generator) Script Recording Example in LoadRunner

This user activity is multiplied with the help of running virtual users in parallel. Ensure that Internet Explorer version 10 or higher is installed on the machine. Infrastructure team — Ensure the entire infrastructure team is place to monitor the servers for the application which is being tested.

You can notice the script files are blank, except basic signature of Function Action. Please refer to below link for more details: Hence when the load test is running, ensure that the right monitoring tools on the servers are running. This tutorial will ooadrunner you through the process of building load tests that validate each of the business requirements.

Tutorial – 1: How do we record an application using LoadRunner? – Software Testing Genius

In an ideal scenario, the virtual users are normally executed from separate machines known as Agents. An intermediate Splash screen will be shown.

A common myth is that the LoadRunner does not generate code in any other language. Each Web request will be recorded as a web URL. Finally click on the Finish Analyzing button. The option is enabled by default. Enter the URL to analyze, in the above example we used google. This is done by recording the actual business scenarios.


Introduction to Virtual User Generator – VuGen Tutorial

First of all, only applications which have some sort of client server architecture need to undergo a load test. Just Imagine if ever the Amazon site were to go down if the load on the system was not accounted for. Its recommended to leave both boxes checked so that the scan is asynchronous and dynamics values are correlated during automatically during code generation.

The most recent version of LoadRunner is So if we take the above scenarios discussed in VuGen in context, we can have a different mix of users for each user case scenario. Keep the first option as chosen and click on the Continue button. Making a choice out of single protocol script or Multiple protocol script from the left pane of the dialog box: If you are a beginner, you can pair up with someone who has solid client-side architectural and development skills for your SUL.

The default is set to 60, To playback a particular script, just click on the playback button.