We’ve pulled together a collection of some of our most popular meat recipes to help Hugh created a scrumptious marinade for this barbecued chicken recipe. If there is one book that should be a compulsory purchase for any chef, cook or domestic goddess, it is this one. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s. The River Cottage Meat Book has ratings and 79 reviews. Lee said: It’s fair to say that this book marks a watershed moment in my life and, for that.

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I would not make all of the recipes in this book, but it’s a great work about Meat and will help anyone fearnley-whittingsttall like me wants to learn more about preparing it.

Hugh F-W lives in England! An excellent book that makes you think about the meat that you eat, from the common beef to less so offal and game birds. A classic for any kitchen. Plus, there’s some good recipes within. Fearnley-Whittingstall turns out to be as zealous a cook as he is a reformer, equally able to appreciate the simplicity of Irish stew or a good beefburger, or to lead people through the intricacies of pork pie or cider-cured ham.

I was already, then, thinking about how the human food-chain had changed in recent years and how I could alter my habits to something I felt better about – for myself and the environment.


We’ve started eating organic and HFW is one of my heroes. Sirloin, from the lower middle back, on the other hand, is one of the finest joints for fast roasting.

Recipes > Meat | River Cottage

His book is stuffed with fearnley-whlttingstall, erudition, and one slow-cooked, lovingly constructed recipe after another. Now tailored for American cooks, this loving, authoritative, and galvanizing ode to good meat is one part manifesto on high-quality, local, and sustainable meat production; two parts guide to choosing and storing meats and fowl; and three parts fearnley-whittingsttall and recipes for roasting, cooking, barbecuing, preserving, and processing meats and getting the most out of leftovers.

Prep 10 mins Cook 20 mins Recipe. Are you among the millions of consumers putting pressure on farmers to produce mountains of cheap meat of dubious quality, by dubious means? Meat, plus a picture of a piece of meat Hugh is the best. Prep 15 mins Cook 20 mins. The author is quite a chearacter, who is clearly very passionate about what he does and what he beleives, and I do sympthize with his contention that we need to stop factory hubh, and pay twice as much for meat and eat half as much of it.

The choicest cut

How do you make the perfect mole sauce for pork? Oh yeah, lots of recipes too! Please try again later. Aug 14, Tim rated it it was amazing. We could hardly abandon them to “tamelife parks”, as he puts it.


If you are a Carnivore, you owe fearnley-whkttingstall to yourself to get this. Hugh F-W makes an interesting case for meat eating, pondering the moral dilemmas of eating animals, a must read for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Jun 14, Brian Blackwell rated it really liked it. Higher education House and garden books Food Ethical and green living Food and drink books reviews.

View all 3 comments. A variety of excellent recipes are included in the second half of the book which are easy to follow and cover a variety of different types of meat. We learn that silverside is the classic cut fearnley-whittinsgtall the back of the thigh, from the muscles that do all the hard work propelling their owner from one place to another ie, quite tough.

Fearnly-whittingstall 15 mins Cook 50 mins Recipe. I counted 3 references to it on two facing pages alone. Nov 22, Pete rated it really liked it.

Cookie policy In order to continually improve our website, we collect non-personal data through cookies. A talented writer, broadcaster and campaigner, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is widely known for his uncompromising commitment to gugh, ethically produced food and has earned a huge following through his River Cottage TV series and books. Jun 27, Anne Brockhoff rated it it was amazing Shelves: