In this video we demonstrate how to make a bullwhip out of cord, referencing this full tutorial by Nick’s Whip Shop. Try your hand at making paracord bullwh. Adam Fieldson of WhipWorks makes beautiful bull whips by weaving nylon paracord. Here, he walks us through the painstaking process of making one of his. This is a 16 plait, 4 foot bullwhip I made out of paracord for a friend of a friend who will be using it in a circus performance. This is probably.

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In addition to twisting seams, gaps will form because of this inconsistent technique. Attach the Fall and the cracker. Thu Apr 13, 6: Good point about the amount of light, it does need concentrated light to reflect well.

I keep using it because it’s cheap, you can get a ridiculous amount of colors, and from a whip use perspective, it’s basically indestructible compared to leather. On this channel I will be doing tutorials on how to build things on a budget! I am new to whip making as well. You start with a metal rod and some extension cord wire You maje the cord to the rod. Lots of other whipmakers use standard BB’s, I use stainless steel tumbling media which is basically fancy BB’s for industrial polishing, but they are denser and smoother than actual BB’s, hoe they are better in use, and bullwhkp the shotloading process.

With leather you have to either buy precut strands which is more expensive, or buy expensive hides, and cut the strands yourself. Add a Type 3 3 pass Pineapple knot as the Heel knot.


It just takes a flick of the wrist to get a very satisfying crack from it.

Comment Name Email Website. This perfectly balanced bull whip. I responded to your questions through email, so keep an eye out for an email from noreastwhips gmail.

Nylon Bullwhip: Equestrian | eBay

Jun 6, Posts: You can adjust all of your cookie settings by navigating the tabs on the left hand side. Why does the handle need shot? Do you do whips in leather as well? Browse Related Browse Related. In this video Bullwhp will be showing you how to make a Paracord Bull Whip.

Having made my first whip, I was ready for my secondan 8 foot bullwhip. Waxed Braided Nylon Bull Whip. So you actually load the shot into the strands all the way down?

Leather requires maintenance, nylon doesn’t, you can’t get leather whips wet, you can wash nylon whips, no potential for rot, etc. How can I figure out what length Paracord I need to make any size whip?

Nylon Bullwhip

They might be more effective in a situation where there is a follow spot on the performer. Depends on how they want that whip to feel. Hlw page was last updated: Your email address will not be published. I’ve actually used some of the reflective cord, and they unfortunately don’t catch as much light as I hoped.

Attempt buolwhip I somehow lost my leather whip I bought for 25 cent at a garage sale.

Easy Paracord Bullwhip Tutorial

If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Professional bullwhip movie style 10 ft. I know an average length for the stock is about inches, but i was going to use a couple old drumsticks of mine.


Add a 5×8 Turks Head as the Transition Knot. More is learned from the actual practice of plaiting than can be from word of mouth or reading from a book.

It would need a lot of light to be effective, the whip just moves so fast it wouldn’t really catch the light. Strive to make a better product with each attempt. For the end knot, it h This is a fully functional bullwhip.

Only the central strand. Thu Apr 13, 7: This is probably around the 10th whip I’ve made, mostly based off of different Youtube whipmaking tutorial videos, but I have found my own style of plaiting, i.

A metre bull chain 3. That way, there is also no wiring to break. At the end, you’ll be plaiting just 4 cords.

We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. This time is the first time I used a carbon fiber tube as the handle, and so I just loaded the core strand with shot, and then fed some empty length of the core buullwhip through the tube and then knotted it at the heel end of the handle to keep it from pulling out.

Tue Apr 11, 8: