HEATHKIT. MANUAL for the. DELUXE. ANTENNA TUNER. Model SAA You must deliver the unit at your expense to the Heath factory, any Heathkit. View and Download Heath Kit SAA manual online. Heathkit SAA TV Antenna pdf manual download. Antenna Tuner SA Amateur-D Heathkit Brand, Heath Co.; Benton Harbor Select picture or schematic to display from thumbnails on the right and click for.

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Wrap one of the tape lengths around the stacked cores at one of the two areas not previously covered with tape. Do this at both upper cor- ners, close to each threaded brass rod. You can now use an amplifier without retuiung the Antenna Tuner.


Start one end of the prepared tension rod into hole BD in the front inductor end plate. An easy way to do this s-2060 to hook the folded end of the wire around a door knob or similar object manal then pull the wire until it is tight, Fold the foot wire in the middle.

Position the cable under the clamp; then position the clamp as shown in the Pictorial. I 17 Page 28 Heathkif Locate the following parts: Refer to Detail B and mount a large ceramic feedthrough insulator at J3 on the chassis rear panel in the following three steps. Place another tapered spacer on the screw, tapered end pointing inward.

Then carefully tighten the setscrew.

Set the rear inductor end plate aside temporarily. If, for any reason, the meters fail to register, check for the following conditions; a. Push the stepped coupler all the way onto the shaft of the counter before you tighten the setscrew.

Heathkit Page 53 4.


Antenna Tuner SA-2060

However, this can also occur with tube- type tuned transmitters. For coax-to-coax feeder matching, use the following tuning procedure. Then mount the solder lug at DA on the chassis rear panel as shown sw-2060 the Detail.

When you are instructed to cut something to a particular length, use the scales rulers pro- vided at the bottom of the Manual pages.

Page 52 Heathkit Coaxial-Fed Antennae An antenna fed with a coaxial line, such as a beam antenna or a center fed dipoie, can easily be matched with your Antenna Tuner to provide a good match to the transmitter across the entire band.

This nut may be adjusted later. Refer to inset drawing 2 on the Pictorial and, if necessary, form mznual end of each of the two forked springs into a small tab.

The Warranty is located inside the front cover. Cut the indicated lug of the terminal strip in half as shown.

In exactly the same manner, install the re- maining feedthrough stud on the end of the strap coming from switch SW lug 4, Place a flat washer, the male ceramic element, and a fiber washer on the stud. In an extreme case where you are unable to resolve a difficulty, refer to the “Customer Service” information inside the rear cover of this Manual. As you wrap the tape onto the assembly, position each pair of wires so they are about evenly spaced all the way around the assembly.

Insertion SWR Less than 1.

Heathkit SA Antenna Tuner SA, Heathkit SA Antenna Tuner SA

Place a 6 brass washer on a x 2″ brass screw; then start the screw through rear panel hole Tl. Tunes out any reactance in the antenna system. Page 59 Heathkit When switch SWl is in the FWD out position, the FWD meter is again enabled to indicate forward power, while switch SW2, in the SWR position, indi- cates the amount of standing wave apparent at the point the sensor is inserted in the transmission line.


Connect the end of the black wire to solder lug K NS. A ground post is located on the rear panel of the Antenna Tuner.

It is best to ground all equipment to one point at the operating position; then ground this point as discussed above.

Do not turn the switch until the coupler has been secured on the detent. Also indicates standing wave ratio.

When you are instructed to mount these plates to a capacitor plate, as in the next step, be sure you position the side with the raised area toward the capacitor plate. Keep the antenna as far as possible from all objects for maximum opera- tion effeciency.

Heath kit SA-2060A Manual

Wrap a 1″ length of tape around the wire end that does NOT show continuity. Tighten the nut snugly. Position the cable and the clamp as shown in the Pictorial. In the same manner, loosely install short shaft bushings at T and X. In the following steps, temporarily move any switch wires as necessary to allow clearance as you solder other connections.

Secure the sides of the meters with brackets P and R as shown. Then push the free end of the cable all the way through the spiral shield, until the rear end of the shield touches cable clamp H on the rear panel. During the tuning procedure, apply only enough RF power from the exciter to get a meaningful reading on REF meter Ml in its most sensitive position.

Page 48 Heathkif Refer to Pictorial for the following steps. On the upper ceramic insulator plate, write “C2 — TOP.