Buy Dipmeter and Borehole Image Log Technology: Memoir 92 (Aapg Memoir) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Foreword iii. About the Editors iv. Acknowledgments vi. Chapter 1. 1. Borehole Image Log Technology: Application Across the Exploration and Production Life. Find Dipmeter and Borehole Image Log Technology: Memoir 92 (Aapg Memoir) by M. Poppelreiter; C. Garcia-Carballido; M.A. Kraaijveld.

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By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our privacy policy. Borehole imaging is among the fastest and most accurate methods for collecting high resolution subsurface data.

Chevron Exploration and Production Netherlands B. Exciting new applications are found in enhanced oil recovery, carbon dioxide sequestration, and geothermal dipmeteg. View Full GeoRef Record. Daniel Moos Daniel Moos. Rudy Welling Rudy Welling. Lyn Canter Lyn Canter. Rodmar Ravnas Rodmar Ravnas. Carlos Pirmez Carlos Pirmez.


Dipmeter and Borehole Image Log Technology | GeoScienceWorld Books | GeoScienceWorld

Shell International Exploration and Production. Whiting Oil and Gas Corp. Andrew Beck Andrew Beck. Birger Hansen Birger Hansen. Beicip-Franlab and Commonwealth of Independent States.

Waleed Bulushi Waleed Bulushi. Jeannette Boon Jeannette Boon. Colleen Barton Colleen Barton. Frans van der Vlugt Frans van der Vlugt.

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Department of Geotechnology, Delft University of Technology. Sibneft Exploration and Production. Shell Exploration and Production Company. Borehole Image Log Technology: Pascal Richard Pascal Richard. Martin Kraaijveld Martin Kraaijveld.

Zoltan Sylvester Zoltan Sylvester. Occidental of Elk Hills, Inc.

Dipmeter and Borehole Image Log Technology: Memoir 92 (Aapg Memoir)

Further applications of borehole imaging technology include matrix and fracture characterization, pore-type partitioning, geosteering, and in-situ stress determination. Edward Follows Edward Follows. This site uses cookies. Recent breakthroughs in acquisition, tool design, and dipmeteer software provide real-time subsurface images of incredible detail, from the drill bit straight to a workstation.

Bradford Prather Bradford Prather.

Clive Johnson Clive Johnson. Schlumberger Data and Consulting Services-Wireline. Mirano Spalburg Llg Spalburg. The data are readily available and provide, for example the orientation of fractures and fluvial channels in space. Many exploration and production companies have acquired a wealth of dipmeter and image log data. American Association of Petroleum Geologists Published: Ajay Samantray Ajay Samantray.


Janusz Buczak Janusz Buczak.

Dipmeter and borehole image log technology | Open Library

Shell International Exploration and Production B. David Entzminger David Entzminger. Nancy Tso Nancy Tso. Livio de Pieri Livio de Pieri. Laurent Spring Laurent Spring. Sign In or Create an Account.

Shell International Exploration and Production Inc. Chunming Xu Chunming Xu. Andrew Farmer Andrew Farmer.

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