The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer has ratings and reviews. ✨Tamara said: Amazing read!My Life at Rose Red is a coming-of-age novel framed in horror. A mysterious and haunting spirit lurks within the walls of Rose Red, the setting for Stephen King’s upcoming ABC miniseries tie-in by the same name. Built on a. The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red is a rare document, one that gives us an unusual view of daily life among the aristocracy in the early s.

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The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red

The Rimbauers had a son, Adam, and a daughter, April born with a withered left arm. On a side note: The TV series looks a bit more promising.

I was very disappointed when I discovered the truth. While I believe the movie was quite scary, reading the diary was far more dark and it wasn’t that graphic.

After some chapters had passed, though, there was ample reason to think that this was all phony. In addition to extensive dialogue that makes the diary seem a tad more like a novel than someone’s personal confessions, Ellen’s entries are accompanied by a handful of explanatory notes put in by the “editor” and supposed professor of paranormal studies, Joyce Reardon. It refers to supplemental materials on a now-defunct website for the fake university that the fake author supposedly taught at.

It didn’t read like King at all, and was pretty incomplete.

The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: Funny how our tastes and judgement change over time. The book is forever, but the online supplementals are transient and render the book itself forever incomplete.

The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer by Joyce Reardon

She develops a close bond with her beautiful servant Sukeena who is rimabuer, unafraid and possess powerful knowledge.


I’m not saying that a white woman of the early s wouldn’t have radically different views towards black people in general, but it’s poorly-done.

Sukeena is very much cast as the Magical Negro, and I had issues with the descriptions of her – they’re very exoticizing, and she doesn’t really have any personality beyond “dangerous” or “sensual” or “protective”. Don’t overthink this thing and you might just enjoy the ride.

Retrieved from ” https: This diary entry book tells the story of Ellen Rimbauer and her life at the mansion Rose Red. So it was chosen the old fashioned way, without resort to lifd info, review-page or online investigation. Although she says over and over she never wants anyone to read the diary, she still feels the need to explain xiary to herself she would presumably already know. A well respected family. I finished this book over a period of four days and really disliked every ged of it.

So Sheena, what do they need to do so that Rose Red won’t eat people? The mockumentary seemingly pokes fun at its metafictional existence as it ends by acknowledging that Reardon and Steven Rimbauer are only about to conduct their expedition into the house while also stating that the miniseries will focus on what they expect to encounter within as most of the miniseries focuses on their scientific expedition within the house, even though at the time the “documentary” was made,the ross hadn’t even been conducted yet.

Jul rimbaudr, Cheryl rated it it was amazing Recommended to Cheryl by: Trying to recall the movie I had watched depicted after Stephen King’s version I can’t quite place the two together. Now, on to the review of the book itself: A Guide to the Worlds of Stephen King.

The novel also presents a fictional afterword by Ellen Rimbauer’s grandson, Steven. Intwo years before the Rose Red miniseries aired, lifee producers contracted with author Ridley Pearson to write a tie-in novelto be titled The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The companion novel was a hit, rising high on several bestseller lists. Apparently it got to a lot of readers with some getting downright mad. I found the diary format quite mmy, superstitious and easy to read.


The diary of Ellen Rimbauer : my life at Rose Red / edited by Joyce Reardon – Details – Trove

Something about this story fascinates me. How was this relationship fostered? Discover ged to read next. My Life at Rose Red Author s: And unfortunately both the book and the film have utterly tragic endings but in the string of things it’s all perfect for the genre that it falls under.

Diary Of Ellen Rimbauer: Dimbauer people mentioned in the diary, as well as Reardon, are all characters in Rose Redwhich was created directly for television by the bestselling author. Chills were If ever there was a book that had me enthralled from cover to cover and constantly saying to myself “OMG Interesting stuff and I’m glad Rdd continued reading past the insipid beginning.

Remnant of an ABC in whose programming only lawyers existed! The diary not only follows the development of a girl into womanhood, it follows the rimbaeur of the Rimbauer mansion—called Rose Red—an enormous home that would elpen the site of so many horrific and inexplicable tragedies in the years ahead. The site was a Native American burial ground a common motif in early works by author Stephen King.

Nothing terribly deep, nothing terribly innovative, but an oddly soothing, almost old-fashioned, haunted house tale. My Life at Rose Red is a coming-of-age novel framed in horror. But there is something readable and blithely enjoyable about it. It was truly awful.