Does anyone know of a software that can export Paper Master 98 “Cab. If your system supports it, the Paper Master Export Utility can convert. A reader tells me that PaperMaster, the once great scanning and file David, I would recommend finding an XP machine to convert your. Batch file all your paperwork on your computer into PaperMaster in one .. DocuCab V2, but they cannot convert the efx files from Papermaster.

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I have PaperMaster 98 but it not work fine in XP. KF grew and grew, we sold two HUGE systems, but found we had to move our business plan too far upscale and too far toward workflow to continue with them.

The file are a criminal case dating back a few years. I like it, it seems to be like a browser interface with different user levels. Best cameras and lenses Color night vision with the SiOnyx Aurora. Multiple errors indexing a whole cabinet.

Is PaperMaster Finally Dead? – loose wire blog

Please do not use PM pro we have and are sorry having done it. Needless to say, j2 Globel does not covert. I any event, I think there are a company that realy want my business and their CEO, Todd Stevenson has called me twice discussing their nifty solution. I still miss that product. I currently am using it on Windows 7 Pro 32 bit.

PaperMaster Export Tool PC Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

Various former PM people told me that PM would be back better than ever under new management. This is the first time in my 53 years as I can remember when you either got an exchange; repair; or refund if the product was faulty.


After each scanning session, I count the number of new pages and add them to the prior count and make sure the back-up contains the same number of documents. Well that was 4 months ago and still no patch to make it work.

Thanks for any help. Most bookmarked in this forum. PM98 is still my best choice and still use it.

Presently I am using the Danish version http: One possible alternative is DocuCabinet from Vixelsoft. Anyone know what software etc and what upgrade steps I need to do to keep this data alive, besides staying with an XP machine? This includes drawers and sub-folders. A feature enable sharing by publishing a cabinet papermasteg cd rom including a viewer with the cd.

PaperMaster Export Tool – FREE

The program I must use is “PaperMaster 98” PM98 which was bought by other companies and eventually became orphan and defunct at around the year These guys have an export util. After purchasing the program and installing it, it creates a My Cabinets folder in the My Directory folder like it is supposed to according to the instructions. Backing up the data is easy; reading it requires PM…. FileCenter with Papermaster converter and looking much more robust with on-the-fly PDF conversion, flexible folder templates and full-text retreival and FileConvert Batch scanning and conversion with structured import to FileCenter.


Has anybody come across any solutions to replace it?? I backed up my cabinet before reinstalling windows xp due to registry problems. Anyone know where they could be?

Can anyone tell me how to move these files to someother file management system. One of the best programs of all time. I stumbled onto it with its predecessor as bundled software. Another Papermaster fan here. I recently installed it on a Windows 7 machine and all appeared to work well until I created a new folder for some scanning, it would not create the folder.

The Return Of PaperMaster Pro

Also, failed to mention, Lucion can only convert. Then I tried e-mailing using another e-mail address and this elicited response!! However, I have heard that right before Documagix sold over the rights, they briefly made a patch or a version that works completely including the print driver with Windows XP.

I went out of business leaving nothing but unsatisfied customers. Anyone come across this problem and if so how was it resolvbed please. Papermastet product has not been mentioned on their corporate website for some time except, interestingly, on their legal page. I used the CD utility by writing their default cab to an empty hard drive or folder, then copy my cab into the same cab folder PM98 created.