The Egyptian Amduat: The Book of the Hidden Chamber [Erik Hornung] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the Amduat, the night- journey. Book of the Am-Tuat, Budge tr. at The Book of the Amduat was called by the Egyptians ‘The Book of the Secret Chamber’ and was a knowledge oriented book. Additionally, it is the first completely.

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All of this anticipates the final rejuvenation of Re. It is cubits to journey over this gateway, before he reaches the gods of the Duat. The zigzag “serpentine” path cf. He proceeds this way, which is without water, without towing.

ANCIENT EGYPT : The Book of the Hidden Chamber : Ancient Egyptian Pataphysics of Creation

This image is done like this, in the secrecy of the Duat, unseen and unperceived. Boook renewal of the Sungod is consolidated. Whoever knows this image of the mysterious ways of Rosetau, the unapproachable paths of the Imhet, the hidden gates which are in the land of Sokar-upon-his-sand, is one who will eat bread besides the living in the temple of Atum. The “sacrament” of the “Cavern of Bopk is amply addressed in the text.

Popper’s introduction of three worlds. To renew, the “Ba of Re”, the dynamic principle of consciousness, travels in darkness.

Royals and the elite could however ascend to the sky of Re, the place he made for himself cf.

The Book of Am-Tuat

To live through the voice of Re, day after day. The survival of the creator-god primary. Although we can accept a good God who tolerates evil to respect human free will, the atrocities of history cannot be explained in this way, nor can the destruction of the innocent.

The pivotal moment is represented by the Tail-in-Mouth-serpent, called “Many Faces”, and surrounding this five-headed serpent we read: This knowledge had proven to be valid and efficient, “a million times”. The captions are arranged in three registers, with the Solar bark, the “barque of the millions” in the middle.


In many indigenous traditions around the globe, darkness is invoked and integrated. Tensions between Osiris and Re were mediated by identifying the former as the “Re of the Night”, the dark Sun.

This evil inimical to life itself is subdued by the controlled “evil side” of creation i. With no hesitation or lingering, Re proceeds.

The Egyptian Amduat: The Book of the Hidden Chamber: Erik Hornung: : Books

On this last day, God and the blessed abide in heaven and Satan and the damned in hell. The Solar bark, transformed into a Serpent bark, is on a narrow stretch of water running in a vast desert, the Earth of Sokar “he bpok his sand”, the Lord of the mysterious ways of Rosetau.

This division is absolute, lasting and irreversible. At times the registers interlace.

Jung developed a depth-psychological model of man, which invited a psychological comprehension of symbols, myths, rituals, dreams and spiritual practices, irrespective of their spatial place and temporal settings. Continuity, circularity, continuation and interdependence are suggested. The sun god travels in a barque attended by divinities who personify his attributes and scenes of a similar nature are found in both compositions.

In the first six Hours of the journey, the differentiation of conscious awareness represented by the soul of Restarted at noon, ends with ajduat. Burning Water implies to gain access to the inner planes of consciousness and imagination. Additionally, the number of crew members and the aspect of the barque change in almost every division. Ancient Egyptian funerary texts. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. It is beneficial to whoever knows it on Earth.

Souls were transformed into spirits ascending towards the sky of Re, the Field of Peace Field of Offering. The Shamanistic approach differs from the Greek take, designating goodness to light and loss of family, memory, life, name to evil. Underneath the Cavern of Sokar is Lake of Fire. Sobek and Nun framing the lower register. In the Book tradition, this situation had sad results.


In the middle register, the Solar bark, still serpentine, is being towed and Re has the Wadjet-serpent or Uraeus on his brow. Caring for those who are in it with his voice, without him seeing them. Scene from the catalogue of the deities from the Amduat, 10th hour, Middle Register.

The Ancient Egyptian Books of the Afterlife. The body of Khepri encircled by “Many Faces” is also Re’s encounter with himself, which makes him project outside creation and unite with the First Time and with “Atum-Kheperer”.

The name of this hour of the night who guides this god in this region is: All these changes are part of the sacred geometry and its spatial semantics directly influencing, as in a strip, the intended meanings. The 4th Hour begins with an abrupt scene change. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. This rectangle reminds of the standard form of the Sed-festival court, used in bopk of the most important events of a king’s reign: Creation “ends” with an absolute division, and God cannot reunify what was, at the start, a fundamental unity.

A Cartesian dualism between matter cf.

The corpse of Re, represented by the reclining figure with a beetle-head, is an image of Osiris. The scepter in Re’s hand has changed.

Book Ancient Egypt portal. They say to Re: