Almudena Grandes’ novel, El lector de Julio Verne, portrays the socio- literary coming of age of a young boy, Nino, in Fuensanta de. In the afterword to her latest novel El lector de Julio Verne, Spanish author Almudena Grandes confesses to a sentimental obsession with the Civil War and . Inés y la alegría y El lector de Julio Verne son los dos primeros títulos de la serie de novelas Episodios de una Guerra Interminable, en los que Almudena.

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Nicanor Otamendi marked it as to-read Sep 03, The father is willing the boy to become something greater in order that he, the father, may be lectot as a patriarch, capable of reproducing socially useful and economically independent citizens.

Inés y la alegría + El lector de Julio Verne by Almudena Grandes

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Beyond the father wound: A coerced conversion to National-Catholicism was common during the postwar years, and the fear provoked by the repression forced people to externalise a spurious subscription to these values in the public sphere Ryan Books by Almudena Grandes. Disillusioned by the cowardice and cruelty of the Civil Guards, Nino looks for literary heroes in the novels of Ensuing days of fighting with the maquis in the mountains and the killing of Vegne, Antonino retires to his bed.


University of Wisconsin Press. The History of the Family, 14 3— A time of silence: Log In Sign Up.

Embodying memory in contemporary Spain. Ana Efe eme rated it really liked it Jan 22, Belen rated it it was amazing Jan 02, Las tres bodas de Manolita. Moreover, he is harshly rebuked by his superiors, and is obligated to participate in the torture of the maquis, with no hope of ever being promoted Grandes Science Fiction Studies, 20 1— Ryan In El lector de Julio Verne, the father figure, Antonino, incapable of transmitting a coherent and aspirational prototype of masculinity, ceases to be a credible paternal figure for his son Nino, who then embarks on a literary and relational exploration of masculinity, which implies the selection of a credible masculine model among the various male prototypes of hero, adventurer, and outlaw, who populate his fictional and social universes See footnote 1.

Published March 4th by Tusquets first published September Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. However, masculinity, during the postwar period, was irreducible to clear-cut polarities, because the fear generated by Francoist repression induced performances of masculinity that purposively concealed almudenaa ambiguity many Francoist supporters and reluctant adherents felt about the repression, and were, hence, inauthentic reflections of their true character.

Inés y la alegría + El lector de Julio Verne

The trials of masculinity: Ryan the younger generation with the slipperiness of the older ones Villa The male failure to satisfy the criteria of hegemonic masculinity can produce a type of social anxiety, which manifests itself in timidity, bodily emotions, and shame Bourdieu Critics of the novel assert that the reading trope constitutes a means of survival for the nine-year old boy, whose delving into literary works permits him to transcend of the despondency of post-war life.


Ryan years —, and it is narrated by the adult Nino, the university professor of psychology, Antonio Carajito.

He thus commands in the young boy a respect premised on an implictly moral mulio of independent masculinity and alterity. His tortured state derives from the disjuncture between his personal high estimation of an honourable and just masculinity, and the immense social pressure upon him to manifest the Machia- vellian form of it countenanced by Francoist repressive policies.

Remember me on this computer. Francisca zapata is currently reading it Jan 18, The sins of the father: This book is not yet featured on Juloo. Hegemonic masculinity is constituted by two interrelated strata of masculinity: This debilitated Francoist hegemonic masculinity has a detrimental effect on the father—son relationship.