Party Hire – What Every User Should Consider

Flowers are gorgeous, but they are definately not the only choice for wedding decorations. Nowadays, lots of couples are including interesting props in their ceremony and reception decor. Have a look at most of the great techniques unique items can be used to decorate your wedding. Lighting has changed into a really big deal in wedding design over the last several years. Interesting lighting can be one way to use props to add style to your reception. Rather than traditional floral centerpieces, place small lamps on the centers of the reception tables to give the space a romantic bistro-inspired atmosphere. Clear crystal or glass lamp bases with architectural interest and ice blue silk shades are good for making your tables look like something from the art deco period. Or choose very swanky lamps made from rich bronze colored bases with beaded fringe shades for an extremely opulent effect. Check out the following site, if you are looking for additional information concerning wedding hire kent.

They are a good way to cast a hot glow and add style to your reception at the same time. Theme related props can be a marvelous way to bring your design inspiration to life. For a vacation theme celebration, stack cool old vintage suitcases in the corners of the reception space. Set wooden model sailboats on the reception tables included in the centerpieces for a nautical wedding. Making the boats might be a fun project for the groom if he’s into that type of thing; after all, it’s not only brides who would bring their diy skills to a wedding. You will find endless possibilities. Antiques are another great addition to a wedding. They may be used for virtually anything, and need not be precious or perfectly restored, sometimes shabby chic items are the best ones of all. Use a classic painted dresser as a guest book table. Line a hallway with selection of vintage mirrors in a contemporary variety of frames.

Don’t forget about the antiques you could have in your family. Old family photos of your parents with your mom in her wedding gown and pearl earrings, the bride and groom as kids, and even black and whites of beloved childhood pets could add that great personal touch to your wedding. Props make great vessels for centerpieces and ceremony flowers as well. Let’s say that you had been planning an informal afternoon garden wedding and wearing a bright chiffon dress with dainty pearl earrings. Play up the garden idea by using watering cans to keep loose arrangements of fresh-cut blossoms for centerpieces or to decorate the foodstuff tables. A potting bench would be a great place to produce the escort cards or set the guest book; you might even compare a bunch of old ceramic pots underneath it. Wooden vessels also look wonderful for flower arrangements. A wooden fruit crate or even a rough-hewn wood box will make an ingenious alternative to a traditional vase for a wedding with a rustic flavor. There are many more great ways to use props in your wedding decorations. Hay bales around a barn, decorative birdbaths filled up with blossoms, or elegant Victorian terrariums would all be samples of how interesting objects may be incorporated into your wedding. Unique props are a simple way to include character to your celebration.